Meet the CUTT/events team – an interdisciplinary, flexible, and perfectly complementary group of individuals. With diverse backgrounds and skill sets, our team is uniquely equipped to handle any challenge and bring innovative solutions to every project. From event planning and production to design and marketing, we have the expertise and creativity to make your vision a reality.

Trust our team to deliver exceptional results and unforgettable experiences for your corporate events!


Montse Miranda

Meet the team of our company led by Montse Miranda, our co-founder, and Director.
With over 30 years of experience in tourism, Montse has a natural gift for connecting with people and understanding their needs. Born in Cádiz, she lived in Valencia for 20 years and has been based in Barcelona for over a decade, giving her exceptional knowledge of the territory. Let her guide you through your next adventure in the Iberian Peninsula with her expertise and knowledge.

e.mail: miranda@cutt.events
Ph: +34 647 801 160

event planner

Oliver Martinez

Introducing Oliver Martinez, the esteemed owner and Director of Operations at our company. While his initial journey began in accounting, Oliver's visionary leadership now focuses on orchestrating high-end incentive trips and elite conferences. His dedication to excellence and innovation is evident in every venture, including the development of proprietary software to streamline operations from quotes to invoices. Experience the brilliance of his strategic approach and unwavering commitment to elevating our company's stature in the luxury events domain

e.mail: oliver@cutt.events
Ph: +34 633 388 839

Minerva Martinez

Meet Minerva Martínez, our Key Client Director and licensed architect. With 10 years of experience as a construction manager for residential buildings, Minerva made the switch to event production and corporate program management 13 years ago. Her background in construction combined with her outstanding organizational skills and attention to detail make her the perfect person to meet the needs of our most demanding clients.
Rely on Minerva to enhance your corporate events to new heights!

e.mail: minerva@cutt.events
Ph: +34 607 924 994

Merche Sánchez

Meet Merche, our passionate and creative designer who recently joined the team to bring a fresh perspective and always provide our clients with innovative ideas and unforgettable experiences. She excels at finding the perfect venue to host your corporate event and paying attention to even the smallest detail to make it a truly unique occasion.
Trust Merche to bring her expertise and creativity to make your event truly special!

e.mail: merche.sanchez@cutt.events

Alicia Tercero

Meet Alicia, our newest addition to the team. She is a highly organized individual and the perfect complement for managing and administering the information we gather from our suppliers, allowing us to provide faster and more accurate quotes. With Alicia on board, we can offer you an even more efficient and effective service.

e.mail: alicia.tercero@cutt.events

At CUTT/events, our team members bring a unique set of skills and passions to the table.

Oliver is always up-to-date with the latest technology trends and loves to share his knowledge with the rest of the team, adding extra value to our services.

Montse and Alicia are passionate about sports, especially paddle tennis, and the rest of the team has experience with a variety of sports including soccer, golf, skiing, and more, allowing us to create the perfect themed program for you.

Meanwhile, Minerva and Merche are game enthusiasts, with a talent for creating creative and fun activities such as board games, scavenger hunts, and escape rooms.

We all share a passion for good food, travel, and new experiences, and we love to share these experiences with our clients. With our diverse range of interests and expertise, we are the perfect team to create unforgettable events tailored to your preferences.