3 Types of Meetings


Presential Meeting

A presential meeting is an excellent opportunity for you to connect with your colleagues and clients in a more personal way. Being in the same physical space can enhance communication and make decision-making more efficient. You'll be able to read non-verbal cues and body language, leading to more effective communication and stronger relationships.

online meeting

Online Meeting

An online meeting is a convenient and efficient way to connect with others from different locations. You'll save time and travel costs while still being able to collaborate effectively with your colleagues and clients. Plus, online meetings can be a great way to stay connected with remote teams, increasing productivity and communication. With the right tools and preparation, online meetings can be just as effective as in-person meetings.

Hybrid Meeting

During the pandemic, online events were at the forefront of company meetings and the good news is that the technical facilities for accessing online media improved very quickly. Currently, most meetings and conferences are hybrid events, with both an in-person and an online component. The combination of the two offers the advantages of both: personal relationships, opportunities to meet and work with colleagues, and accessibility to all those participants who cannot be there in person. It even allows the possibility of extending the event over time, as it can be recorded and uploaded to platforms such as YouTube, allowing the event to be relived by a different audience at different times.

Examples of meetings and conferences organized by CUTT/events

🟣 XVI Congress of Myasthenia that we organized in Madrid in February 2023.

We created a website with information and registration details, and a link to the live stream on YouTube so that potential viewers could set a reminder. On the day of the event, we broadcast it in streaming and simultaneously monitored the YouTube chat to give viewers at home the opportunity to participate. At this same event, we organized a general assembly of the association, which was also hybrid, as we connected it with Zoom for streaming so that people at home could participate in the voting. On the other hand, thanks to the in-person component, participants were able to enjoy gastronomy and good company.

🌷Successful Collaboration with Gremi de Jardiners for Professional Gardening Forum in Mollerussa on March 18th and 19th, 2024🌻

We are delighted to share that CUTT/events collaborated with Gremi de Jardiners to organize the Professional Gardening Forum in Mollerussa on March 18th and 19th. This event was a resounding success, and we are proud of our contributions to its execution.

As part of our partnership, CUTT/events played a crucial role in various aspects of event planning and management. We spearheaded the development of the event registration website, streamlining the registration process for attendees. Additionally, we engaged with sponsors to secure their participation and meticulously organized the layout and setup of their exhibition stands.

In the lead-up to the forum, we managed the production of all essential materials, including eye-catching rollups, vibrant photocalls, and informative program brochures. Moreover, we curated welcome packs to enhance the experience for participants.

During the event, our dedicated team members were on-site to oversee the setup and smooth execution of all activities. With four staff members in attendance, we ensured seamless operations and provided attentive support to participants throughout the forum.

Our collaboration with Gremi de Jardiners exemplified our commitment to delivering comprehensive event management solutions and facilitating meaningful experiences for all involved. We are thrilled with the success of the Professional Gardening Forum and grateful for the opportunity to contribute to its achievement.